We are very happy to have your children at our AWASA Clubs this year. Our hope is that our program will offer a balance of good, positive and spiritual qualities. Such things as Bible, prayer, positive values and morals are all part of the AWASA program. Please encourage your children to wear their uniform once they have earned the honor as a Clubber. Your input with the lesson is greatly appreciated so that your child will be prepared the next week to earn rewards. Please encourage your children to follow the rules and regulations of Dover First Baptist Church.


  • Director: Jayne Della Ratta
  • Age Range: 3 yrs to Kindergarten


  • Director: Megan Fischmann
  • Age Range: 1st – 3rd Grade


  • Director: Dave Ratti
  • Age Range: 4th – 8th Grade


AWASA Schedule:

    • Meetings are weekly on Friday evenings (Sept. – April) from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
    • Doors open at 6:15 and close promptly at 6:30 for the opening ceremony.
    • Please enter side room, if not on time, and wait for opening ceremony to end.

Club Segments:

All Club meetings are divided into four segments: Opening Ceremony, Devotion Time, Lesson Time, Game Time, and a short Snack Time.

Opening Ceremony – We begin our night with a flag ceremony promptly at 6:30 P.M. Three of our clubbers, one from each club, get to participate as color guard. We say the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag, the Christian Flag, and the Bible. This sets a tone of respect for God, his word, and our country. We then sing the AWASA Theme Song, make announcements and then close in prayer before we separate into our clubs.

Awasa Pledge

Awasa Theme Song

Devotion Time – Memory work and discussion on lesson sheet with a leader. Quiet contemplation.

Lesson Time – Lessons that train clubbers to know, obey, and defend God’s word.

Game Time – Offers clubbers the opportunity to participate as team members in physical activities which can help develop team spirit, good sportsmanship, and game skills and sell-confidence. Games are competitive in nature and winning is desirable but leaders are encouraged to give top priority to building personnel self-esteem.


Dues – Weekly dues are collected from all clubbers to help with Operating expenses, incentives and awards. Dues may be paid on a weekly basis or in one payment per year. (see Commander)

Lesson Kit – One lesson sheet will be issued every other week and must be returned the following week in order for clubbers to receive their awards. If lesson sheet is lost by the next week, a copy will be provided. If no lesson sheet or copy is returned by the next lesson, no rewards will be given.

Uniforms – Dover First Baptist will provide uniforms for the Sparrows and the Doves. These uniforms will stay at the church every week. The Eagles club will be required to purchase uniforms.

Clubs Dues Lesson Kit Uniforms
Sparrows $ 0.50 cents $ 6.00 Vest: Complementary
Doves $ 0.50 cents $ 6.00 Vest: Complementary
Eagles $ 0.50 cents $ 6.00 T-shirt: $ 7.00


Position Name Phone
Pastor Anthony Bacino 845-832-3770
Commander Lorna Fischmann 845-867-8410
Secretary/Treasurer Maggie White 845-832-7049
Eagles Director Dave Ratti
Doves Director Megan Fischmann 845-240-5519
Sparrows Director Jayne Della Ratta 845-877-3206
Game Director ~ varies per club ~

King’s Kids Club

King’s Kids Club is designed for fundamental Baptist churches who desire a dynamic outreach for boys and girls in first through sixth grades. The emphasis in the curriculum is placed upon Bible memory within the context of Doctrine and character building.

The curriculum is self-paced and consists of six books and three electives (Music, Missions, and Creation Science). Each level of accomplishment is tied to an award system which serves to keep kids motivated to continue memorizing. The amount of curriculum provided is enough to keep kids busy for six years.

A typical King’s Kids Club evening format is balanced between Bible memory time, preaching time, and a game time, although each club can be easily customized to fit the needs of your church. There are a variety of materials and special aids available to purchase for your club, and your kids will love our imprinted club t-shirts!