Kate Carr’s Obituary

October 5, 2014  |  Church Services, Funerals, Memorials  |  Comments Off on Kate Carr’s Obituary  |   | 

We have been praying for Kate Carr (Jeff’s mother) and she has passed away. So please hold her family up in prayer.


Pastor Dakin Obituary

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New Bible Study

November 9, 2011  |  Church Services  |  Comments Off on New Bible Study  |   | 

NEW BIBLE STUDY – Wednesday night, January 4th, we will begin with a new Bible study on the book of “Hebrews” in our Prayer service. This would be a great time to start attending and stay for prayer. In 2012 we’ll need it!

Prayer Meeting

November 23, 2010  |  Church Services  |  Comments Off on Prayer Meeting  |   | 

Prayer Meeting – Please note that Prayer service is moved to Tuesday Night (11/23/10) this week “only” so members can make preparations for Thanksgiving. Come and let’s pray and give thanks together. – Thanks to all those that could make it.